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Yoga for Travellers, published by YogaWords, is the ultimate guidebook to practicing yoga on the road. It is written by yoga teacher and seasoned traveller, Jennifer Ellinghaus and contains 135 illustrations by myself, including 10 watercolour double-page spreads that visualise Jenny's journey across the world, and 125 vector-based stickmen demonstrating yoga poses.

The watercolours include Upward-facing Dog at the airport, Downward-facing Dog at Borobudur, Tree in the Himalayas, Half-moon at Machu Picchu, Dancer at Monument Valley and a Headstand on the rooftops of Montmartre, Paris.

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Author: Jennifer J. Ellinghaus
Publisher: YogaWords
Size: 140 x 175 mm
Pages: 216
RRP: £12.99
Publication Date: Summer 2014
ISBN: 978-1-906756-25-3